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Government records showed more than 1,000 children had both parents interned. Nearly all of the children were Uyghur, apart from 11 who were of Kazakh and Tajik ethnicity. The data indicated that 53.1 percent of all students in Yarkand lived in boarding facilities. Media reported authorities conducted regular, sometimes daily, inspections of private homes to ensure no religious activities were occurring.

In May, officials converted the church into an activity center for the elderly, placing a ping-pong table, Chinese chess boards, and secular books inside. In October, CSW reported that some ethnic minority villages had established “village rules” to allow villagers to isolate and target Christians. CSW stated that individuals on social media reported the Li community in Hainan Province had also imposed a financial penalty on persons believing in Christianity. According to the ICC, on October 11, police arrested Elder Li Yingqiang of the ERCC in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, just before the church began an online service. During the arrest, police also threatened Li’s two young children.

One merchant in Luhe County, Guangdong Province, said, “We don’t carry religious couplets. Even if we had them, we wouldn’t dare sell them.” On January 19, three officials from Poyang County, Jiangxi Province, entered a TSPM church, took photos, and registered the personal information of those in the church. The officials distributed couplets praising the CCP and demanded they be posted. A government employee in Xinmi City, Henan Province, told Bitter Winter that in early March, municipal authorities ordered all town and township governments to conduct door-to-door inspections of households and shops looking for religious couplets. Inspectors were instructed to remove the couplets and cooperate with the public security bureau to ascertain where they had been produced. One shopkeeper said authorities threatened to close his business if he posted Christian couplets again.

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Authorities had arrested Samdup for taking part in peaceful protests in 1992 and had not allowed him to return to his monastery after his release. CCP regulations regarding religion are issued by the CCP’s United Front Work Department . The UFWD’s Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Work manages religious affairs through the State Administration https://legitdatingreviews.com/love-ru-review/ of Religious Affairs . Some religious groups continued to report they retained their ability to conduct charitable activities on the mainland by working through official channels and officially recognized churches. Under the Basic Law, the SAR government, rather than the central government of the PRC, safeguards religious freedom in the SAR.

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According to the data, the government built or expanded 381 detention centers between 2017 and 2020, including at least 61 facilities that were built or expanded between July 2019 and July 2020. Authorities continued to ban minors younger than age 18 from participating in any monastic training. The government continued to insist that Gyaltsen Norbu, whom it selected in 1995, was the Panchen Lama’s true reincarnation, and not Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, whom authorities had disappeared that same year. Norbu remained the vice president of and highest-ranking Tibetan in the government-affiliated BAC.

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RFA also reported in August that a public security official in Suntagh Village stated that in 2019 the government destroyed Azna Mosque and Bastaggam Mosque, leaving only Teres Mosque standing. A Xinjiang government statement available online in 2018 indicated officials had to inspect the homes in which they were staying for any religious elements or symbols, and the statement instructed officials to confiscate such items if found. In an op-ed published on January 9 in the Turkey-based Daily Sabah, a U.S.-based academic wrote that authorities looked for items such as prayer mats and Qurans. According to RFA, on May 22 authorities announced plans to demolish a Uyghur cemetery in Urumqi on June 10. It stated those with family members buried in the cemetery needed to register to exhume their remains. Multiple eyewitness and victims’ accounts supported these findings.

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