Ultrasonic in infection control
The safest, fastest and most economical way to remove pollution Washing and disinfecting medical instruments in just five minutes Reducing the risk of infection for patients and medical center personnel Full compatibility with all types of medical and surgical instruments No damage to sensitive medical and microsurgery instruments
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Sanat Ultrasonic Engineering Company
Engineering and consulting in both medical and industrial departments Provider of medical engineering and medical imaging services Licensed by the Atomic Energy Organization and Medical Equipment Administration of Iran Providing all kinds of laboratory and industrial ultrasonic systems Official representative of Bandelin, Germany and Engotech, Switzerland
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Ultrasonic industrial cleaners
Washing with revolutionary ultrasound technology in the industry Saving time, money and manpower Much more efficient than hand washing No mechanical damage Washing all inaccessible parts
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شرکت مهندسی فراصوت صنعت با مدیریت عامل یونس مهرپویان با بیش از 26 سال سابقه دارای دو دپارتمان پزشکی و صنعتی با کادری مجرب در زمینه ارائه تجهزات پزشکی و صنعتی فعالیت دارد. سوابق کادر فنی شرکت در دوره های آموزش خارج از کشور و سازمان های معتبر داخلی بوده است. این شرکت دارای شناسنامه فعالیت از اداره کل تجهیزات پزشکی و سازمان انرژی اتمی می باشد و همچنین تمامی محصولات صنعتی خود را با اخذ گواهینامه نمایندگی از معتبرترین برندهای روز دنیا ارائه می نماید.

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Sanat Ultrasound Engineering Company, under the management of Yunus Mehrpouyan, with more than 26 years of experience, has two medical and industrial departments with experienced staff in the field of providing medical and industrial equipment. The records of the company's technical staff have been in training courses abroad and domestic reputable organizations. This company has a certificate of activity from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment and the Atomic Energy Organization and also provides all its industrial products with the certificate of representation of the most reliable brands in the world.

A video of the ultrasonic washing process

Washing medical and industrial parts and supplies

Application of ultrasonic washing in different industries

Applications of ultrasonic washing systems in different industries

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"Hereby, we are proud to have signed a contract with the Sanat Ultrasonic Engineering Company in the field of ultrasonic cleaners in various industries. It has reached full capacity and hereby declares its readiness for future cooperation with any type of industry. We hope to cover a corner of the huge industry of this country.